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  • All the mortgage in Canada does get insure from 3 main insurance companies, which they are called Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Genworth or Canada Guaranty.
    Your total CMHC calculated is: {{insuranceRate | currency:'$':2}} and it is going to be added to the monthly payment
  • Any mortgage that the down payment is 20% or less the borrower will pay the for this fees, which it will be added to your mortgage and any down payment that is 20% or above the lender will pay for that fees.
  • If you chose 30 years of amortization instead of 25 years, it will make your monthly payment lower.
  • Upon choosing the fixed mortgage term your monthly payment would be slightly higher than the variable closed option
  • If you are planning to keep this house for a long period its recommended to choose the fix term instead of viable
Bank Mortgage Rate - {{mortgageF.term.label}} Monthly Payment
{{}} {{br[]}} {{monthlyPay[$index] | currency:'$':2}}


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