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Do More with the Right Direction

If you are thinking about purchasing a new property or your first home, Green Life Mortgage can help you get the best deals on mortgage rates. Here, we have access to multiple major lending institutions across Canada and have built a network of lenders, allowing us to offer an array of options to our valuable clients. Furthermore, we also keep ourselves in the loop with the industry to know what’s being offered by credit unions, trust companies, and private lenders.

Green Life Mortgage is recognized as one of the leading companies to offer residential and commercial mortgage services with multiple options to choose from. For example, we have options like HELOC, which gives you the benefit of minimum down payment, equity lines, and so much more. There are plenty of other options, and our dedicated mortgage experts are here to guide you in choosing the one the suits your needs best, in case you have no prior experience in such procedures.

Though it is not possible to visit the commercial properties and homes to justify the mortgage payment for the property in Canada, we suggest you consult with our experts, who will help you to find the right property based on your requirements. Once find your dream property, our experts will discuss various buying strategies and help you proceed with self-confidence like never before.

At Green Life Mortgage, we believe that it’s always important to understand your options when it comes to making such a huge investment. Hence, we ensure to set you on the right path toward reaching your short-term/long-term property goals. We try to get you the best deals and stay by your side throughout the process.

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Stay Informed Before Submitting Your Application

Getting a loan or mortgage is different, and hence, one must follow some instructions to make it simpler. As per the rule of thumb, people shouldn’t spend more than 40% of earning on the payment of a mortgage. You can argue by showing us some exceptional incidents, but we intend to say that people shouldn’t spend more on the property and this will be helpful for individuals. Since you have to consider other expenses like business taxes, mortgage payments, property taxes, or any other costs like homeowner’s association (HOA) fees, it is essential to plan accordingly. Once you discuss your requirements, our experts can help to provide the necessary information so that you can get an idea about the budget. Know about everything

As a leading mortgage specialist, Green Life Mortgages uses market equations and calculators to find out the best real estate deals. We gather necessary information about the expenses and budget so that we can find out the suitable offers based on your convenience and affordability. There are many other things that individuals must consider before finalizing anything. In case you are about to invest in real estate for the first time, it is essential to get a ‘Home Buying Readiness Quiz.’

It is important to take the right decision at the right moment, and the guidelines will help you to make a better decision. Canada has numerous regulations for lenders and the experts at Green Life Mortgages will guide you to understand the process. Besides, our staffs will also assist you in handling mortgage payments and down payments for the newly brought home. We are committed to educating the buyers about the home buying process so that they can make a better buying decision every time.

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Residential and Commercial Mortgages

Turn Your Dream into Reality

It’s time to start. If you have already decided to invest in commercial or residential mortgage, it will be a pleasure for us to turn your dream into reality. Green Life Mortgages will provide necessary assistance during the procedure to avail the best real estate deal.