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Financial freedom to live on your own terms

Are you looking for a short-term interest-only mortgage loan against the available equity in your home or commercial property? Then a second mortgage is the best option for you. With this type of mortgage loan, you get the opportunity to finance a major purchase or consolidate your debts. If you are looking to get a second mortgage to reduce your debts or make home improvements, Green Life Mortgage can help you get one with our flexible home loan options and low mortgage rates.

Second Mortgages

The process of procuring a second mortgage or any private mortgage loan from Green Life Mortgage tends to be much simpler and even quicker than when getting approved for a mortgage with a bank or other traditional lending institution. In some cases, clients are approved for a second mortgage within a day. However ever, there are some more unique situations where second mortgages can at times become a more complex topic. This is why a proper mortgage strategy is necessary to ensure that you have the funds needed to close on your home.

Refinancing and taking out a second mortgage come with many benefits, helping you save thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars a year on interest costs and monthly debt payments.
At Green Life, our team of mortgage specialists has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide you with customized mortgage plans. Our mortgage lending partners offer a wide spectrum of second mortgage solutions. By working with us, you will have the freedom to choose financing that works for you.

Turn Your Dream into Reality

Green Life Mortgages will provide necessary assistance during the procedure to avail the best real estate deal.